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The advantage of our Whitening System is that it brightens your teeth within 60 minutes. It involves using a whitening gel with the special Whitening accelerator, that uses advanced “cold light” technology to get rid of the exposure to the harmful UV light and heat, which also reduces sensitivity. If you are still on the fence with teeth whitening, we would like to point out the advantages of Whitening System treatment at Poldent:

  • it’s helping with teeth discolouration in a safe, UV-free way
  • it’s suitable for people on a tight schedule
  • it’s safe and comfortable for people with sensitive teeth
  • it’s effective, quick and suitable for everyone
  • side effects are unlikely
  • you see the greatest results for the short treatment time
  • average shade improvement is greater than 5 shades on the VITA® scale
  • Visit Poldent Limited # Teeth whitening system at poldent.co.uk

    Our services or products include:

    • dentist
    • orthodontics
    • dentures
    • prosthetics
    • endodontics

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